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Some examples of web hacking tools are:

wwwhack 1.9 – Web Hacking Software Free Download
Wfuzz Download – Web Application Password Cracker
FLARE – Flash Decompiler to Extract ActionScript
WebSurgery – Web Application Security Testing Suite

Some examples of web hacking protection are:

Shadow Daemon – Web Application Firewall

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Download videos?

Ever wanted to download those cool videos from (Its an online video storage site similar to for storing images) and can’t because those peeps made it difficult for you to just download them offline? Well now you can !! Go to and follow the instructions on how to copy the video […]

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An Introduction to AJAX

No it’s not AJAX Amsterdam… it’s something more interesting (or boring to some of you)… so let’s get it started…. I. Introduction AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML… It is a new technology which comes to help any web developer who really is interesed in dynamic webpages… Click here for a overview of the […]

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Google has no license for China service

Internet search giant Google Inc.’s controversial expansion into China now faces possible trouble with regulators after a Beijing newspaper said its new Chinese-language platform does not have a license. The Beijing News reported on Tuesday that, the company’s recently launched service that accommodates the China’s censorship demands, “has not obtained the ICP (Internet content […]

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Severe Security Hole in Apple Mac Safari Web Browser

As the German IT portal heise online conveys, a new security hole in the Safari webbrowser for Apple’s Mac OS X has been discovered. This security hole is rather severe, as it invokes the execution of shell scripts under certain circumstances. Once again the Safari option “open safe” files automatically after download bears the blame. […]

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