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PentesterLab Review - How To Learn Penetration Testing

PentesterLab Review – How To Learn Penetration Testing

PentesterLab is an easy and straight forward resource on how to learn Penetration Testing with Pentesting Lab Exercises. It provides vulnerable systems in a virtual image and accompanying exercises that can be used to test and understand vulnerabilities. Just decide what course you want to follow, download the course and start learning. You can easily […]

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Hacking with Ramzi

Hacking with Ramzi

Some light entertainment for once, join us in watching Hacking with Ramzi a joke by Thebrokencrew from back in the day – get some cool ware-eez. You all leet. The government better watch out, RAMZI IS IN THE HIZZOUSE. Hacking with Ramzi I thanksyou all. Phew.

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Writing Worms for Fun or Profit

0x00: Preface Media, kindly supported by AV “experts”, drawn apocalyptical vison of desctruction caused by stupid M$ Outlook / VisualBasic worm, called “ILOVEYOU”. Absurdal estimations – $10M lost for “defending the disease”, especially when you take a look at increasing with the speed of light value of AV companies market shares, made many people sick. […]

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Remote Network Penetration via NetBios Hack/Hacking

These are basic techniques but very useful when penetration testing any Windows based network, the techniques were discovered on WinNT but are still very valid on Windows2000 and in some cases Windows2003 due to backwards compatibility. This article is being written in a procedural manner. I have approached it much like an intruder would actually […]

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