Caecus – Web Brute Forcing Tool with OCR Support

Keep on Guard!

Caecus is a unique tool which can bruteforce some OCR form based protections.

As far as we know at Darknet, this is the only publicly available OCR brute forcing tool.

These scripts generates a digital image as an extra layer of security called OCR. Some versions of this script also use session id’s to keep track of this information.


Using Caecus, you can now successfully run attacks on these sites.

There are some ocr sites that use another form type. You can recognize them by the fact that they have a ‘grid’ behind the numbers in the image. Caecus cannot test these sites…yet!

You can read more about download Caecus here:

Caecus at

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One Response to Caecus – Web Brute Forcing Tool with OCR Support

  1. UmNo February 27, 2009 at 5:13 am #

    There is a reason we don’t release our software to you idiots, sites like this are why. YOu know ZILTCH, windows homo, you couldn’t crack a Rubicks cube with a damn book how…. great luck using this piece of junk on anything but a StrongBox site in weak mode you idiot…..