APT-Hunter – Threat Hunting Tool via Windows Event Log

APT-Hunter is a threat hunting tool for windows event logs made from the perspective of the purple team mindset to provide detection for APT movements hidden in the sea of windows event logs.

APT-Hunter - Threat Hunting Tool via Windows Event Log

This will help you to decrease the time to uncover suspicious activity and the tool will make good use of the windows event logs collected and make sure to not miss critical events configured to be detected.

The target audience for APT-Hunter is threat hunters, incident response professionals or forensic investigators.

Features of APT-Hunter Threat Hunting Tool

  • Provide output with time sketch format to upload it directly and start analyzing the time line
  • Events Categorized based Severity to make the filtering easy and focus on what important
  • Have A log collection automation script to collect all the required logs to save the time required to export important logs
  • Gather and analyze (Sysmon, Security, System, Powershell, Powershell_Operational, ScheduledTask, WinRM, TerminalServices, Windows_Defender)
  • This rule tested in many real incidents and provided a great information that reduced the time to detect initial evidence
  • Can run on any system thanks to python3, you can do live analysis on the affected system or take the logs offline and analyze them on any system
  • Log Parsing and extraction using Regex
  • This tool built based on researches published on the internet and testing done by me in order to collect most of the useful use cases in one tool
  • Includes more than 60 Use cases along with Security and terminal services logs statistics and more will be added soon . Say good bye to memorizing use cases and SIEM searches
  • Now you don’t need to setup instance of SIEM, Log collector solutions to help you parse and extract the required data nor you have to keep looking at sheet with million of events
  • Log statistics that will help you uncover the anomaly
  • Easy to add new detection rule as the fields clear and syntax easy to use
  • Support windows event logs exported as EVTX and CSV
  • Analyst can add new malicious executable names directly to list
  • Provide output as excel sheet with every Log as work sheet

Using APT-Hunter Threat Hunting Tool

You can download APT-Hunter here:

Linux: APT-Hunter-nix.zip
Windows: APT-Hunter_Windows.zip
Source: v1.0-beta.zip

Or read more here.

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GitLab Watchman – Audit Gitlab For Sensitive Data & Credentials

GitLab Watchman is an application that uses the GitLab API to audit GitLab for sensitive data and credentials exposed internally – this includes code, commits, wiki pages and more.

GitLab Watchman - Audit Gitlab For Sensitive Data & Credentials

GitLab Watchman searches GitLab for internally shared projects and looks at:

  • Code
  • Commits
  • Wiki pages
  • Issues
  • Merge requests
  • Milestones

For the following data:

  • GCP keys and service account files
  • AWS keys
  • Azure keys and service account files
  • Google API keys
  • Slack API tokens & webhooks
  • Private keys (SSH, PGP, any other misc private key)
  • Exposed tokens (Bearer tokens, access tokens, client_secret etc.)
  • S3 config files
  • Passwords in plaintext
  • CICD variables exposed publicly
  • and more

Using GitLab Watchman to Audit Gitlab For Sensitive Data

GitLab Watchman will be installed as a global command, use as follows:

You can run GitLab Watchman to look for everything, and output to default Stdout:

Or arguments can be grouped together to search more granularly. This will look for commits and milestones for the last 30 days, and output the results to a TCP stream:

Logging in GitLab Watchman to Audit Gitlab For Sensitive Data

GitLab Watchman gives the following logging options:

  • Log file
  • Stdout
  • TCP stream

Results are output in JSON format, perfect for ingesting into a SIEM or other log analysis platform.

For file and TCP stream logging, configuration options need to be passed via .conf file or environment variable. See the file docs/logging.md for instructions on how to set it up.

If no logging option is given, GitLab Watchman defaults to Stdout logging.

You can download Gitlab Watchman here:


Or read more here.

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GKE Auditor – Detect Google Kubernetes Engine Misconfigurations

GKE Auditor is a Java-based tool to detect Google Kubernetes Engine misconfigurations, it aims to help security and development teams streamline the configuration process and save time looking for generic bugs and vulnerabilities.

GKE Auditor - Detect Google Kubernetes Engine Misconfigurations

The tool consists of individual modules called Detectors, each scanning for a specific vulnerability.

Installing and Using GKE Auditor to Detect Google Kubernetes Engine Misconfigurations



The tool has to be built by running the build.sh script first.

Once the tool is built, it can be run using the auditor.sh script, using the following options:

General Detector Output Format for GKE Auditor

  • Detector: Detector name
  • Explanation: A short explanation of the concept that is being checked. Describes how and why the concept be a security issue. Often includes links to the documentation for more information.
  • Remediation: Steps to take in order to review the problem and resolve the vulnerability.
  • Useful links: Links to the documentation or other resources where the customer can learn about the issues at hand.
  • Level: one of [VULNERABILITY, WARNING]. VULNERABILITY implies security recommendations are not being followed, whereas a WARNING is informational and implies a potential vulnerability could exist.
  • Severity: one of [LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH]. Indicator of the seriousness of detected issues.
  • Vulnerable assets: List of assets that have the above-described vulnerability.
  • You can download GKE Auditor here:


    Or read more here.

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    zANTI – Android Wireless Hacking Tool Free Download

    zANTI is an Android Wireless Hacking Tool that functions as a mobile penetration testing toolkit that lets you assess the risk level of a network using your mobile device for free download.

    zANTI - Android Wireless Hacking Tool Free Download

    This easy to use mobile toolkit enables IT Security Administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the malicious techniques they use in the wild to compromise the corporate network.

    Features of zANTI Android Wireless Hacking Tool

    This network auditor comes along with a rather simple interface compared to other solutions and running its tasks is pretty straightforward. These are its main features:

    Conduct network scans, in different intensity levels in order to identify connected devices, their properties and their vulnerabilities.


    Enable Security Officers to easily evaluate an organization’s network and automatically diagnose vulnerabilities within mobile devices or web sites using a host of penetration tests including, man-in-the-Middle (MITM), password cracking and Metasploit.


    Highlight security gaps in your existing network and mobile defences and report the results with advanced cloud-based reporting through zConsole. zANTI mirrors the methods a cyber-attacker can use to identify security holes within your network. Dash-board reporting enables businesses to see the risks and take appropriate corrective actions to fix critical security issues.

    Installing zANTI Android Wireless Hacking Tool

    Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
    The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

    You can download zANTI here – the password is darknet123!


    Or read more here.

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    HELK - Open Source Threat Hunting Platform

    HELK – Open Source Threat Hunting Platform

    The Hunting ELK or simply the HELK is an Open-Source Threat Hunting Platform with advanced analytics capabilities such as SQL declarative language, graphing, structured streaming, and even machine learning via Jupyter notebooks and Apache Spark over an ELK stack. This project was developed primarily for research, but due to its flexible design and core components, […]

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    trape - OSINT Analysis Tool For People Tracking

    Trape – OSINT Analysis Tool For People Tracking

    Trape is an OSINT analysis tool, which allows people to track and execute intelligent social engineering attacks in real-time. It was created with the aim of teaching the world how large Internet companies could obtain confidential information. Example types of information are the status of sessions of their websites or services and control their users […]

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