PwnBin – Python Pastebin Search Tool

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PwnBin is a webcrawler or Pastebin search tool which searches public pastebins for specified keywords. All pastes are then returned after sending completion signal CTRL+C.

PwnBin - Python Pastebin Search Tool

Apart from being a great tool for developers, Pastebins are often used by hackers to leak stolen credentials or d0x people. This tool can help you search pastebins for your API keys, SSH keys, tokens and anything else sensitive to check for leaks.

There are other tools that can help with this and similar tasks like – Scumblr by Netflix – Automatically Scan For Leaks.


  • Currently only supports
  • Searches by default for:
    • SSH Credentials
    • Passwords
    • API Keys
    • Tokens


Basic command:

Both the keyword and outputfile arguments are optional and default to

Optional commands:

You can download PwnBin here:

Or read more here.

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