InstaRecon – Automated Subdomain Discovery Tool

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InstaRecon is an automated basic digital reconnaissance tool which is great for getting an initial footprint of your targets and discovering additional subdomains. In basic terms, it’s an automated subdomain discovery tool for the information gathering phase of penetration tests.

InstaRecon - Automated Subdomain Discovery Tool

There are other tools which cover some parts of the InstaRecon functionality such as:

dnsmap 0.22 Released – Subdomain Bruteforcing Tool
DNSenum – Domain Information Gathering Tool
Complemento v0.6 – ReverseRaider Subdomain Scanner


InstaRecon will do:

  • DNS (direct, PTR, MX, NS) lookups
  • Whois (domains and IP) lookups
  • Google dorks in search of subdomains
  • Shodan lookups
  • Reverse DNS lookups on entire CIDRs

The outputs from the above will all be printed nicely on your console or into a csv file for further parsing or reporting.

InstaRecon will never scan a target directly. Information is retrieved from DNS/Whois servers, Google, and Shodan.

So you’ll need a Shodan API key for full functionality.

You can download InstaRecon here:

Or read more here.

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