Recent Down-time at Darknet

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Apologies for the recent down-time at Darknet, the longest we’ve had so far I think.

The disk-array crashed completely, hardware fault, so rebuilding and recovering the data from the bad disk, then restoring everything was a fairly long process.

The site was back up quite early but the database inaccessible due to the taxing of the processor by the restore process.

Everything should be back to normal now though and smooth sailing from here on, we took the opportunity to rebuild everything and install all the latest versions powering the back-end of the site, so if anything we should be more stable and slightly faster now.

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One Response to Recent Down-time at Darknet

  1. bl May 12, 2007 at 3:52 pm #

    I’ve had that experience before. My email server went down all of a sudden, customers were complaining left and right, so I jammed down to the colo to see what the problem was. One of the harddrives was hissing at me, raid card was shot, so I had to pull on allnighter to make sure it was back up by morning. It sucked.