FireMaster 2.1 – A Firefox Master Password Recovery Tool

Keep on Guard!

FireMaster version 2.1 has been released with its new features and new speed.

Firemaster is the Firefox master password recovery tool. If you have forgotten the master password, then using FireMaster you can find out the master password and get back your lost signon information. It uses various methods such as dictionary, hybrid and brute force techniques to recover the master password from the firefox key database file.

Since its initial release in Jan 1, 2006 its speed has increased exponentially and currently it is operating at a speed of 50,000 passwords/sec to 100,000 passwords/sec depending upon low end or high end machine.

How it Works?

There is no way to recover the master password as it is not stored at all. Firemaster uses the same technique which has been used by firefox to check if the master password is correct, but in more optimized way. The entire operation goes like this.

  • Firemaster generates passwords on the fly through various methods.
  • Then it computes the hash of the password using known algorithm.
  • Next this password hash is used to decrypt the known encrypted string for which plain text ( i.e. “password-check” ) is known.
  • Now if the decrypted string matches with known plain text ( i.e. “password-check” ) then the generated password is the master password.

Firefox stores the details about encrypted string, salt, algorithm and version information in key database file key3.db in the user’s profile directory. So you can just copy this key3.db to different directory and specify the corresponding path to Firemaster. You can also copy this key3.db to any other high end machine for faster recovery operation.

More details are available here:


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  1. Dmitry Negoda November 26, 2007 at 12:55 pm #

    If this does not help, please try the approach I have figured out recently. See my post:

  2. Celyn June 13, 2008 at 2:12 pm #

    Courtesy of
    If you want to reset your master password (at the cost of your saved passwords), with no downloads, go to:

    woops I missed it off the last one