Without OneCare in the World.

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Today sees the launch of “OneCare”, Microsofts “secrity solution”. Combining firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware in to one handy package…. but would you trust it?

I guess many people will, and over time we will find out if its a well spent $49.99 or not, but for me? I don’t think so. Microsoft do many things, but I think if you ask any one they will say the same thin: Microsoft don’t really do security.

Microsoft have had a firewall in XP for some time now, and the malicious software removal tool has been on windows update as well. I turn off the firewall, and the remover dosn’t really seem to do any thing. Now maybe I am being unfair, but do you dare, to use OneCare?

The last part of OneCare is the AV, now MS must know a thing or two about virus’, and who knows the OS better then them, but still, at the end of the day Microsoft has been the main victim of Virus attacks for years, why now are they trying to combat the problem?

It seems to me that basicly, no matter how good or bad OneCare actualy is, Microsoft have an uphill fight against there already poor security record. I don’t think I would trust them to keep my important data safe, or my network free from nasties. I just wont, and I suspect a lot of other people will feel the same.

In the corparte sector, where most software is paid for, other names are well estabilished and, well, who wants to say to there boss “I thought we where protected, I installed Microsoft…..” the laugthing would echo down the halls. So, for the home with many free, and perfectly good AV out there (http://www.avast.com/) why would home users pay?

All I can think of is that this is just a Microsoft way to expand a little, not to mention I bet it dosn’t install unless you have a “valid” windows key, the new way to force you to give more money to MS, like they need it?

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One Response to Without OneCare in the World.

  1. Gouki May 31, 2006 at 3:22 pm #

    who wants to say to there boss “I thought we where protected, I installed Microsoft…..” the laugthing would echo down the halls.

    I would not have any problem saying it!

    There are two important (and distinct) things in Microsoft software.

    Installing and properly configuring and just installing. Microsoft’s software can be as much secure as any other piece of software out there. However, it maybe harder to configure (contrary to popular belief).