Carders Scamming Spammers!

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Sounds complicated, it’s almost a tongue-twister.

It turns out the carders (people using stolen credit card details fraudulently) have worked out how to get money out of the spammers (spamming being massive nowdays)

Fraudsters who deal in stolen credit card data have devised a means to extract money from sponsors of junk mail campaigns.

Carders have signed up as affiliates to spam campaigns, but instead of sending out junk mail themselves they are using stolen credit card data to make purchases from the sponsors of spam campaigns, such as online pharmacies.

The carders earn a cut of these sales of anything between 40 to 50 per cent, the Washington Post’s security site reports, more than enough to make the scam viable.

It’s pretty funny that the people sending the spam out are complaining about this, as they losing money due to the bank charges.

But the sponsors of spam campaigns end up losing out because of charge backs generated when fraudulent purchases are identified. Higher incidents of charge-backs result in higher merchant fees while drawing the attention of banks and credit cards sponsors to dubious businesses. Far from benefiting from increased sales, spam sponsors end up losing out. In this way, card fraudsters are scamming the backers of spam.

Spam sponsors are complaining about been ripped off, a factor that allowed net security firm CipherTrust to identify the new ruse during the course of its work monitoring online spam and fraud forums.

So finally the spammers are getting some payback :D

“Basically, we’re seeing the carders and phishers starting to look for other ways to make money and starting to discuss new methods of making profits from their scams,” CipherTrust research scientist Dmitri Alperovitch said

We need to kill the spammers, spam eww…hopefully this will bankrupt them or something.

Good job carders.

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2 Responses to Carders Scamming Spammers!

  1. Loong May 25, 2006 at 4:01 am #

    Haha … the enemy of my enemy is my friend?


  1. Notizen aus einer interessanten Zeit - May 25, 2006

    Identitätsdiebe zapfen Spammer an…

    Darknet berichtet von einem Artikel in der Washington Post, wonach Kreditkarten-Nummernspione sich an Spam-Gesellschaften beteiligen und dann, anstatt Spam-Mails für ihre dubiosen Geldgeber zu versenden, selbst Bestellungen bei diesen aufgeben, wobei …