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LORCON (Loss Of Radio CONnectivity) 802.11 Packet Library

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The LORCON packet injection library provides a high level interface to transmit IEEE 802.11 packets onto a wireless medium. Written for Linux systems, this architecture simplifies the development of 802.11 packet injection through an abstraction layer, making the development of auditing and assessment tools driver- independent.

Using LORCON, developers can write tools that inject packets onto the wireless network without writing driver-specific code, simply by asking the user to identify the driver name they are currently using for a specified interface.

The project goal is to create what libradiate could have been: A generic library for injecting 802.11 frames, capable of injection via multiple driver frameworks, without forcing modification of the application code.

Nearing 1.0 public release. Once FreeBSD support is incorporated, the first full packaged release of Lorcon will be made, stay tuned!

Supported drivers:

  • wlan-ng
  • hostap
  • airjack
  • prism54
  • madwifing
  • madwifiold
  • rtl8180
  • rt2570
  • rt2500
  • rt73
  • rt61
  • zd1211rw

You can find some more information here:


You can get the latest code from SVN here:

Or read more here.

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