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Medusa Password Cracker Version 1.1 Now Available For Download

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Medusa is a speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer for network services created by the geeks at Foofus.net. It currently has modules for the following services: CVS, FTP, HTTP, IMAP, MS-SQL, MySQL, NCP (NetWare), PcAnywhere, POP3, PostgreSQL, rexec, rlogin, rsh, SMB, SMTP (VRFY), SNMP, SSHv2, SVN, Telnet, VmAuthd, VNC, and a generic wrapper module.

While Medusa was designed to serve the same purpose as THC-Hydra, there are several significant differences. There is a Comparison between Medusa and THC-Hydra Here.

This release adds several new modules, additional OS support, and fixes numerous bugs. A somewhat detailed report is available here:


You can download Medusa Here:

Medusa 1.1 Download

Author Note:

Medusa was developed on Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD. Some limited testing has been done on other platforms. If people wish to contribute patches to fix portability issues, I’d be happy to accept them. There are probably lots of bugs which have yet to surface. Please let me know if you encounter issues, fix a bug or just find the application useful.

More information on Medusa Here.


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    Awesome…gotta directly try this one out

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    we want win cool toys 2… :(

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    password hacking

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    i wish to become an beginner hackers

  6. V!TAL 1 July 2006 at 1:28 am Permalink

    lol i’v scanned 30 pages for a msn password cracker because the dictionary cracker did’nt work so im looking for a brute force one anyhow this isnt the right program but still need it as it does ftp =P thanks