dradis v2.0 Released – Open Source Security Reporting Tool

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This is more of a tool for the information security professional amongst us, those working in a team carrying out web application audits, penetration tests and vulnerability assessments.

It’s useful for a team to use a tool like dradis so everyone is on the same page and the progress and segregation of responsibility can easily be seen.

Basically speaking dradis is an open source tool for sharing information during security assessments. It provides a centralized repository of information to keep track of
what has been done so far, and what is still ahead.

It’s a web application using a client/server architecture with an easy to use web interface. If you still aren’t sure what that means you can view a flash demo of the application in action here.

dradis v2.0

This application is suited to people in lengthy engagements, it’s very useful to have all the information in one place. It’s also good to have if your team changes (i.e. someone joins half the way through), it will be useful to bring them up to speed.

The app is flexible, you don’t need to adapt your methodology to use it. It provides a web service interface so you can connect it with your existing vulnerability database or reporting tool.

The changelog for the latest feature can be found here.

You can download dradis v2.0 here:

One click installer for Windows – dradis-v2.0-setup.exe
Platform independant source – dradis-v2.0.0.tar.gz

Or read more here.

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