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Black hat hackers vs White hat professionals – This is the Black & White Ball

The Black & White Ball will be held at the stylish Ministry of Sound venue in London, the date is to be confirmed (but it will be in September).

In security parlance, the terms Black Hat and White Hat refer to hackers on opposite sides of the fence. Black Hat hackers break the law when they hack into computers, they do it for their own personal gain. White Hat hackers are professional hackers who do it for a living, who hack with the knowledge and consent of the computer owners. We named the event the Black & White Ball to describe the unique 2-track conference style of presenting first 2 days of the latest Black Hat techniques and trends, followed by 2 days of the latest White Hat defensive methodologies and policies.

In September 2007, Whitedust will be running the first annual Black & White Ball in London. Presented in a unique two track format, The Ball will run for 4 days – the first two bringing the latest in hacker techniques and attacks, the last two presenting the cutting-edge of security defence mechanisms and strategies.

The Ball will present the latest research in information security, network penetration, malware generation, hacker methodologies, 0-day attacks, forensic and anti-forensic methods. Bringing together the leading minds from both the White Hat sphere (CSO’s, Programmers, Security Architects) and the Black Hat sphere (hackers, crackers, virus writers, digital miscreants), the Ball will provide a unique venue to pit the best of the best against the rest.

You can find a list of speakers here and submit your papers here.

The main site is here:

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