Taiwan Kings of Spam from CipherTrust

Keep on Guard!

Hmm Taiwan are really way ahead of everyone when it comes to being a spam hub, sadly that’s nothing to be proud of and generally it’s due to a large amount of poorly configured/unsecured servers.

Taiwan needs to start doing some vulnerability assessment! Taiwan and Korea have always had loads of open proxies/exploitable machines in my experience and when reporting such problems language is always an issue.

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of servers controlling spam traffic are located in Taiwan, according to a survey by email security firm CipherTrust.

Such servers, used by internet low lives to relay spam and phishing emails through zombie, compromised PCs, are also commonly located in the US. The US accounts for 23 per cent of the machines identified on CipherTrust’s spam server blacklist with China in a fairly distant third place (three per cent).

Sounds like a pretty neat method they employed to get the figures.

CipherTrust obtained its figures after deploying a network of zombie-like machines across the world to gather intelligence on spamming operations. While machines in this “zombie honey pot” avoid relaying spam or phishing attacks to end-users, they collect messages from spammers trying to control them. By capturing these messages, CipherTrust is able to determine the location of the spam servers. Spammers themselves, of course, may be located somewhere completely different, such as Boca Raton, USA (for example).

Source: The Register

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