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PACK – Password Analysis & Cracking Kit

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PACK (Password Analysis and Cracking Toolkit) is a collection of utilities developed to aid in analysis of password lists in order to enhance password cracking through pattern detection of masks, rules, character-sets and other password characteristics. The toolkit generates valid input files for Hashcat family of password crackers.

Before using the PACK, you must establish a selection criteria of password lists. Since we are looking to analyze the way people create their passwords, we must obtain as large of a sample of leaked passwords as possible. One such excellent list is based on RockYou.com compromise. This list both provides large and diverse enough collection that provides a good results for common passwords used by similar sites (e.g. social networking). The analysis obtained from this list may not work for organizations with specific password policies. As such, selecting sample input should be as close to your target as possible. In addition, try to avoid obtaining lists based on already cracked passwords as it will generate statistics bias of rules and masks used by individual(s) cracking the list and not actual users.

Please note this tool does not, and is not created to, crack passwords – it just aids the analysis of passwords sets so you can focus your cracking more accurately/efficiently/effectively.

You can download PACK here:


Or read more here.


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