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Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) 2008 Statistics Published

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The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) is pleased to announce the WASC Web Application Security Statistics Project 2008. This initiative is a collaborative industry wide effort to pool together sanitized website vulnerability data and to gain a better understanding about the web application vulnerability landscape. We ascertain which classes of attacks are the most prevalent regardless of the methodology used to identify them. Industry statistics such as those compiled by Mitre CVE project provide valuable insight into the types of vulnerabilities discovered in open source and commercial applications, this project tries to be the equivalent for custom web applications.


  1. Identify the prevalence and probability of different vulnerability classes.
  2. Compare testing methodologies against what types of vulnerabilities they are likely to identify.

The statistics was compiled from web application security assessment projects which were made by the following companies in 2008 (in alphabetic order):

  • Blueinfy
  • Cenzic with Hailstorm
  • DNS with WebInspect
  • Encription Limited
  • HP Application Security Center with WebInspect
  • Positive Technologies with MaxPatrol
  • Veracode with Veracode Security Review
  • WhiteHat Security with WhiteHat Sentinel

The statistics includes data about 12186 sites with 97554 detected vulnerabilities. The report contains Web application vulnerability statistics which was collected during penetration testing, security audits and other activities made by companies which were members of WASC in 2008. The statistics includes data about 12186 sites with 97554 detected vulnerabilities.

You can find the full study here:

Web Application Security Statistics


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