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Trafscrambler – Anti-sniffer/IDS Tool

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Trafscrambler is an anti-sniffer/IDS LKM(Network Kernel Extension) for OSX, licensed under BSD.


  • Injection of packets with bogus data and with randomly selected bad TCP cksum or bad TCP sequences
  • Userland binary(tsctrl) for controlling trafscrambler NKE
  • SYN decoy – sends out number of SYN pkts before the original SYN pkt
  • TCP reset attack – sends out RST/FIN pkt with bad sequence
  • Pre-connection SYN – sends out SYN with wrong TCP-checksum
  • Post-connection SYN – sends out fake SYN after connection establishment
  • Zero Window – send out pkt with “0” window set.

You can download Trafscrambler 0.2 here:


Or read more here.


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