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Webshag 1.10 Released – Free Web Server Audit Tool

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Webshag is a multi-threaded, multi-platform web server audit tool. Written in Python, it gathers commonly useful functionalities for web server auditing like website crawling, URL scanning or file fuzzing.

You may remember back in March 2008 we published about Webshag 1.00 being released. Now Webshag 1.10 has been released! This new version provides several feature enhancements as well as some bug-fixes.

Webshag can be used to scan a web server in HTTP or HTTPS, through a proxy and using HTTP authentication (Basic and Digest). In addition to that it proposes innovative IDS evasion functionalities aimed at making correlation between request more complicated (e.g. use a different random per request HTTP proxy server).

It also provides innovative functionalities like the capability of retrieving the list of domain names hosted on a target machine and file fuzzing using dynamically generated filenames (in addition to common list-based fuzzing).

Webshag URL scanner and file fuzzer are aimed at reducing the number of false positives and thus producing cleaner result sets. For this purpose, webshag implements a web page fingerprinting mechanism resistant to content changes. This fingerprinting mechanism is then used in a false positive removal algorithm specially aimed at dealing with “soft 404” server responses.


To be fully functional, Webshag requires the following elements:

  • Python 2.5 or Python 2.6 (NOT compatible with Python 3.0)
  • wxPython (or greater) GUI toolkit
  • Nmap port scanner (for port scanning module only)
  • A valid Live Search AppID (for domain information module only)

Just like the previous version, Webshag 1.10 is freely available (GPL license) for Linux and Windows platforms.

You can download Webshag 1.10 here:

Linux – ws110.tar.gz
Windows – ws110.zip
Windows (installer) – ws110_win32installer.zip
User Manual (EN) – ws110_manual.pdf

Or read more here.


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