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Proxmon – Proxy Log Monitoring Tool

Check Your Web Security with Acunetix

ProxMon is an extensible Python based framework that reduces testing effort, improves consistency and reduces errors. Its use requires limited additional effort as it processes the proxy logs that you’re already generating and reports discovered issues. In addition to penetration testing, ProxMon is useful in QA, developer testing and regression testing scenarios.

Formerly announced as ScarabMon as part of BlackHat EU 2007, proxmon monitors proxy logs and reports on security issues it discovers. ProxMon was also presented at CanSecWest 2007.

It’s compatible with WebScarab.

ProxMon handles routine tasks like

  • Checking server SSL configuration
  • Looking for directories that allow listing or upload

It’s real strength is that it also helps with higher level analysis such as

  • Finding values initially sent over SSL that later go cleartext
  • Finding Secure cookie values also sent in the clear
  • Finding values that are sent to 3rd party sites

It’s key features are

  • automatic value tracing of set cookies, sent cookies, query strings and post parameters across sites
  • proxy agnostic
  • included library of vulnerability checks
  • active testing mode
  • cross platform
  • open source license
  • easy to program extensible python framework

You can download ProxMon here (Prerequisites: Python):



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