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Google Acquires Web Security Startup GreenBorder

Cybertroopers storming your ship?

More Google News this week after Google Launches Online Security & Malware Blog, now they have acquired a web security startup called GreenBorder.

Google Inc. said on Tuesday it has bought Internet security startup GreenBorder Technologies Inc., which creates secure connections to protect e-mail and Web users from malicious or unwanted computer code.

Terms of the deal, which closed in mid-May, were not disclosed, according to Google spokesman Aaron Zamost.

GreenBorder, a venture-backed startup founded in 2001 and based in Mountain View, California, where Google is also headquartered, offers security software that sets up temporary, virtual sessions each time a computer users surfs the Web, then discards the resulting data once the user is finished surfing.

The software allows technicians to insulate corporate networks so that malicious code hidden inside e-mail, instant messages or Web sites is automatically detected and contained.

It definitely seems like Google is moving heavily both into web applications and application security. They seem to have a specific focus on malware and malware defense.

GreenBorder has suspended new purchases or downloads of its software following the Google acquisition but continues to provide some support for existing customers on its site through the end of their current subscriptions, the site said.

When it unveiled its corporate product in 2005, GreenBorder charged a little under $100 per user. It also offered a free version for non-commercial users.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to them after the acquisition and if they get merged into Google’s existing product folio (Google Toolbar?) or Google will develop it further.

Source: eWeek


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4 Responses to “Google Acquires Web Security Startup GreenBorder”

  1. Torvaun 5 June 2007 at 8:00 am Permalink

    Who’s web security are they worried about? Google is still the first step for penetration testers. I really don’t see a way around that for them, because it’s all based on normal functionality.

    Here’s my attempt at looking like a prophetic genius. Google will use this to start up a security branch. They will do the web searches in question themselves, and go to vulnerable companies and offer to fix the problems for cash. It’s a strong model, and they’re one of the best choices for companies to do it.