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arp-sk – ARP Swiss Army Knife Tool

Don't let your data go over to the Dark Side!

arp-sk is basically an ARP Traffic Generation Tool. It’s quite old but still very useful!

There are 2 basics mode:
– who-has: build a request ARP message.
– reply: build a reply ARP message (default)

Other advanced modes should come very soon
– arping: send a who-has to every host on the LAN to see who is here
– promisc: detection of boxes that are sniffing on the network using promiscuous mode of their network interface
– arpmim: perform Man in the Middle attack

Link level options

-s: set the source address of the packet.
Default : MAC address of the interface used to send the packets.

-d: set the destination address of the packet
Default: broadcast

These 2 options have a strong influence on the ARP message itself.
Here are the default according to these options:

– request

– reply

The only difference comes from the destiantion mac address from ARP message, since it has to be 00:00:00:00:00:00. For the reply mode, consistency is preserved and the destination MAC address used for the link layer is copied in the ARP message.

You can download arp-sk here:



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