nbtscan Download – NetBIOS Scanner For Windows & Linux

nbtscan is a command-line NetBIOS scanner for Windows that is SUPER fast, it scans for open NetBIOS nameservers on a local or remote TCP/IP network, and this is the first step in the finding of open shares.

nbtscan Download - NetBIOS Scanner For Windows & Linux

It is based on the functionality of the standard Windows tool nbtstat, but it operates on a range of addresses instead of just one.

What is nbtscan?

NETBIOS is commonly known as the Windows “Network Neighborhood” protocol, and (among other things), it provides a name service that listens on UDP port 137. When it receives a query on this port, it responds with a list of all services it offers. Windows ships with a standard tool nbtstat which queries a single IP address when given the -A parameter. When running against a machine on the local network (a development box), it shows:

The numeric code (in hexadecimal) and the type serve to identify the service being offered, and (for instance) a UNIQUE code of <20> indicates that the machine is running the file-sharing service. Unfortunately, nbtstat only reports the codes, and it requires looking up the meanings elsewhere. The References section at the end of this document lists some resources to learn what all the codes mean.

Machines participating in NetBIOS listen on UDP port 137 for these queries and respond accordingly. Simple configurations might only have a few resource records (as above), but an NT server supporting a large enterprise could easily have more than a dozen. Though it’s sometimes useful to examine the full set of resource records for a given machine, in practice it’s more useful to summarize them into the key “interesting” services.

Our tool has taken this approach. Not only does it scan ranges of addresses — instead of just one machine — but it can fully decode most of the resource record types and can summarize the interesting data on a one-line display.

On our network, we have quite a few machines, but it appears that only three respond to our queries:

Using nbtscan NetBIOS Scanner

When nbtscan is run without command-line arguments, it reports a short “help” listing that summarizes the options available, which are expanded on here.

If you want something to screw with a tool like nbtscan you can check out something like Fake NetBIOS Tool – Simulate Windows Hosts.

Download nbtscan

Windows – The Win32 version of the tool, which works well on Windows 9x, NT and 2000, is available below as nbtscan.exe. It’s written in portable C and is less than 40 kbytes, requires no special libraries or DLLs, and is run in a MS-DOS command window.

Linux – The code works fine on Linux, and a version built on Red Hat Linux 6.2 is available as well.

You can download nbtscan here:

nbtscan.exe (v1.0.35) – Windows binary (36 kbytes)
nbtscan-1.0.35-redhat-linux – Linux binary (44kbytes)
nbtscan-1.0.31-sco-5.0.6.bin – SCO Open Server 5.0.6
nbtscan-source-1.0.35.tgz (gzip’d tarball)
nbtscan-source-1.0.35.zip (ZIP)

Or read more here.

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