evilscan – Massive IP Port Scanner

Keep on Guard!

evilscan is a Node.js based massive IP Port scanner designed for concurrency, speed and scanning large ranges of IP addresses.

evilscan - Massive IP Port Scanner


  • Individual IP or IP range scan
  • Individual port, ports list, or port range
  • Banner grabbing (not fully implemented, works with verbose ports only)
  • IAC negotiation
  • Reverse dns
  • Geolocation information
  • Shell or JSON output
  • Optional progress details





Sample Output

You can download evilscan here: evilscan-master.zip

Or read more here.

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One Response to evilscan – Massive IP Port Scanner

  1. Timo May 31, 2017 at 10:22 am #

    Do you support free IP2Location LITE in the -geo switch? We have been using this database as recommended.