SubBrute – Subdomain Brute-forcing Tool

The New Acunetix V12 Engine

SubBrute is a community driven project with the goal of creating the fastest, and most accurate subdomain brute-forcing tool. Some of the magic behind SubBrute is that it uses open resolvers as a kind of proxy to circumvent DNS rate-limiting. This design also provides a layer of anonymity, as SubBrute does not send traffic directly to the target’s name servers.

SubBrute - Subdomain Brute-forcing Tool

There are various other options with similar capabilities, such as:

InstaRecon – Automated Subdomain Discovery Tool
dnsmap 0.22 Released – Subdomain Bruteforcing Tool
DNSenum – Domain Information Gathering Tool
Complemento v0.6 – ReverseRaider Subdomain Scanner
DNSRecon – DNS Enumeration Script
Recon-ng – Web Reconnaissance Framework


  • Fast, multi-threaded and comes with more than 2000 high quality nameservers in resolver.txt
  • Nameservers are verified when they are needed. A seperate thread is responsible creating a feed of nameservers, and corresponding wildcard blacklist.
  • SubBrute is now a DNS spider that recursively crawls enumerated DNS records. This feature boosted * from 123 to 162 subdomains.
  • –type enumerate an arbitrary record type (AAAA, CNAME, SOA, TXT, MX…)
  • -s can now read subdomains from result files.
  • The subdomains enumerated from previous scans can now be used as input to enumerate other DNS records.


You can download SubBrute here:

Or read more here.

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  1. VaxMAN May 21, 2016 at 6:11 pm #

    The link of the tool in GitHub is incorrectly wrote. The final . (dot) is not needed and the URL don’t work well…

    And many thanks for the article/tool!!!

    • Darknet May 29, 2016 at 6:27 pm #

      Fixed that, thanks!