Sparty – MS Sharepoint and Frontpage Auditing Tool

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Sparty is an open source Sharepoint and Frontpage auditing tool written in python to audit web applications using sharepoint and frontpage architecture. The motivation behind this tool is to provide an easy and robust way to scrutinize the security configurations of sharepoint and frontpage based web applications. Due to the complex nature of these web administration software, it is required to have a simple and efficient tool that gathers information, check access permissions, dump critical information from default files and perform automated exploitation if security risks are identified. A number of automated scanners fall short of this and Sparty is a solution to that.

Sparty - MS Sharepoint and Frontpage Auditing Tool


  • Sharepoint and Frontpage Version Detection!
  • Dumping Password from Exposed Configuration Files!
  • Exposed Sharepoint/Frontpage Services Scan!
  • Exposed Directory Check!
  • Installed File and Access Rights Check!
  • RPC Service Querying!
  • File Enumeration!
  • File Uploading Check



This version uses following libraries:

  • import urllib2
  • import re
  • import os, sys
  • import optparse
  • import httplib

Also note Python 2.6 is required.

You can download Sparty here:

Or read more here – the author can be found on Twitter here @AdityaKSood.

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