Pipal – Password Analyzer Tool

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Pipal is a password analyzer tool that can rapidly parse large lists of password and output stats on the contents. Pipal will provide you with stats on things like the most frequently used password, password lengths, dates (months/days/years) or numbers used, the most common base words and much more.

It also makes recommendations based on the password makeup/charsets and gives you Hashcat masks.

Pipal - Password Analyzer Tool


NOTE: The app will only work with Ruby 1.9.x, if you try to run it in any previous versions you will get a warning and the app will close.

There are not a whole lot of tools out there similar to this, in fact the only one we’ve covered is PACK – Password Analysis & Cracking Kit.

Info Provided by Pipal

  • Total Entries
  • Total Unique Entries
  • Top 10 Passwords
  • Top 10 Base Words
  • Password Length (Count ordered & Length ordered)
  • Password Type (Only lowercase, only uppercase, only alpha, only numeric etc)
  • Passwords That Contain Months or Days (including abbreviations)
  • Passwords That Contain Years
  • Passwords With Digits On The End
  • Character Sets Used

You can download Pipal here:


Or read more here.

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