Dradis v2.9 – Information Sharing For Security Assessments

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Dradis is an open source framework to enable effective information sharing, specially during security assessments. It’s a tool specifically to help in the process of penetration testing. Penetration testing is about information:

  1. Information discovery
  2. Exploit useful information
  3. Report the findings

But penetration testing is also about sharing the information you and your teammates gather. Not sharing the information available in an effective way will result in exploitation opportunities lost and the overlapping of efforts.

Dradis v2.9 - Information Sharing For Security Assessments

Dradis is a self-contained web application that provides a centralised repository of information to keep track of what has been done so far, and what is still ahead.


  • Easy report generation.
  • Support for attachments.
  • Integration with existing systems and tools through server plugins.
  • Platform independent.

Traditional pentesting teams face different types of challenges regarding information sharing. Different tools provide output in different formats, different testers capture evidence in different ways, different companies report differently, etc.

If you do not use a tool to share the information, every tester will use their own notes file to keep track of their findings. Each will store this file locally, or on a shared resource, but the information will not arrive immediately to the rest of the team.

If you want to know what are the latest findings of your mate, you will need to look for the notes file. You also can try talking, but talking is not that effective when you need to know a specific cookie value or a sql query for an injection attack.

It seems reasonable that some effort must be put to increase the quality and efficiency of this process.

You can download Dradis Framework v2.9 here:

Windows – dradis-v2.9.0-setup.exe
Others – dradis-v2.9.0.tar.gz

Or read more here.

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  1. Sudlo June 29, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

    Pretty neat

    For a beginner like me this is a really great.

    Are there any links where i could read up on this..

    • Darknet July 1, 2014 at 5:12 pm #

      What exactly do you wish to read up on?