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Coliseum Labs is a revolutionary new product by eLearnSecurity, it’s a 100% practical training device for people wanting to learn more about penetration testing.

Basically Coliseum is a framework which allows students to learn web application security through 100% practical hands on training. With the specially crafted web applications ready for you to study, hack and learn from straight away! These web applications known in the system as battles within the arenas are sand-boxed environments that allow the student to benefit from complete user isolation without the need to configure local virtual machines.

The framework also allows the student to create from scratch their own vulnerable web applications which can be shared between the community to enhance the environment, giving everyone new and exciting challenges to continually study, hack and learn from.

Coliseum Lab

Main Points

  • 100% hands on training
  • Virtual labs: no virtual machines needed
  • 14 educational challenges
  • Get hints and tips when you are stuck
  • Goal based challenges: claim your trophy!
  • Multi-platform: play on different targets
  • Chat with fellow students during lab time
  • Fits our Pentesting courses
  • Prepares you for eCPPT certification
  • Unlimited access for 1 or 2 months
  • Enroll now and start your period later
  • Access to our forums for support

This is an extremely practical way of learning more about pen-testing and getting to try out the tools you will have to master in a hands-on and task driven environment.

eLearnSecurity are offering some exclusive bundles for Darknet readers if you are interested in getting on the Coliseum Lab to help during your pen-testing course.

If you want to learn more about the eLearnSecurity penetration testing courses, you can read our reviews here – Pentesting Student or Pentesting Professional and read their article here:

Read this before signing up for any Penetration Testing Course

The discount coupon is DARKNELS-SEPT-30 and discounts the bundles by 5% if used before September 30th:

Professional course + 1 month in Coliseum Lab

Student course + 1 month in Coliseum Lab

Exclusively for Darknet readers you can get a free pass for Coliseum Labs here:

Coliseum Lab Demo

Please note – these offers are only valid BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30th – so don’t hang around.

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