India Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Site Still Down

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There has been quite a lot of chatter online about this case, politically there are long standing disputes between India and Pakistan and naturally these also extend to online wars – which inevitably end in defacement.

The latest target from the group calling themselves the Pakistani Cyber Army was the site for the Central Bureau of Investigation in India –

Almost 4 days after the defacement, the site still appears to be down.

Close to four days after the site of India’s key investigation agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), was hacked and defaced, the web site is still inaccessible to users.

The CBI is doing a thorough security audit, and plugging all holes to prevent another hack, Vinita Thakur, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday. She didn’t say when that would be complete, and the site restored.

The web site of the CBI was hacked and defaced on Friday night. The hackers calling themselves the “Pakistani Cyber Army” left a message saying that the attack was in revenge for similar Indian attacks on Pakistani sites.

The CBI’s IT systems were not compromised by the hack, as the web site and the CBI’s computer systems are separate, Thakur said.

They say they are doing a thorough audit and they are going to plug all the holes, but in reality – we know that’s not true because it’s not possible. They both seem to be stuck in a catch 22 situation as both the Indian and Pakistani sides continue with revenge attacks for the previous defacement.

Almost immediately after this attack the Indian Cyber Army executed another hack and deface job to retaliate. And well, whatever happens after this – it’s not going to be pretty for either side.

The information that the hackers had access to was public information, she added.

The border dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir has often spilled online, with both sides attempting to hack each other’s web sites.

The web site of Pakistan’s Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority was hacked on Saturday by a group called “Indian Cyber Army” in retaliation for the CBI web site hack, according to media reports from Pakistan.

The web site which displayed the message “This Account has been suspended” late Saturday, has since been restored.

The Pakistani site that was attacked is back up and accessible to the public again, but as of now I’m still seeing some database access error messages in the sidebar and at the top of the page –

My guess would be that this is not going to stop any time soon.

Source: Network World

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