sqlsus 0.2 Released – MySQL Injection & Takeover Tool

Keep on Guard!

sqlsus is an open source MySQL injection and takeover tool, written in perl.

Via a command line interface that mimics a mysql console, you can retrieve the database structure, inject a SQL query, download files from the web server, upload and control a backdoor, and much more…

It is designed to maximize the amount of data gathered per web server hit, making the best use of MySQL functions to optimize the available injection space.

sqlsus is focused on PHP/MySQL installations, and integrates some neat features, some of them being really specific to this DBMS.

It is not and won’t ever be a SQL injection scanner, it starts its job on the next step.

Both quoted and numeric injections are supported.

All quoted texts can be translated as their hex equivalent (eg : “sqlsus” will become 0x73716c737573)

sqlsus also supports these 2 scenarios of injection :

  • sighted : the result of the request will be in the HTML returned by the web server
  • blind : when you can’t see the result of the request directly

Support for GET and POST parameters injections.

Support for HTTP proxy and HTTP simple authentication.

Full logging support of your queries and the answers, allowing you to recall a command and its cached answer, even in a later re-use of the session.

Key variables can be edited on the fly, saved per session, and can be loaded in a later session on the same target server.


On a Debian system, in addition to perl, you will need the following packages :

  • libterm-readline-perl-perl
  • libipc-shareable-perl
  • libwww-mechanize-perl

It also requires previous SQL injection knowledge, and.. well.. a brain helps.

You can download sqlsus 0.2 here:


Or read more here.

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