Fast-Track 4.0 – Automated Penetration Testing Suite

Keep on Guard!

The latest big buzz is Fast-Track released recently at ShmooCon by Securestate, basically Fast-Track is an automated penetration suite for penetration testers.

For those of you new to Fast-Track, Fast-Track is a python based open-source project aimed at helping Penetration Testers in an effort to identify, exploit, and further penetrate a network. Fast-Track was originally conceived when David Kennedy was on a penetration test and found that there was generally a lack of tools or automation in certain attacks that were normally extremely advanced and time consuming.

In an effort to reproduce some of David’s advanced attacks and propagate it down to the team at SecureState, David ended up writing Fast-Track for the public. Many of the issues Fast-Track exploits are due to improper sanitizing of client-side data within web applications, patch management, or lack of hardening techniques. All of these are relatively simple to fix if you know what to look for, but as penetration testers are extremely common findings for us.

Fast-Track arms the penetration tester with advanced attacks that in most cases have never been performed before. Sit back relax, crank open a can of jolt cola and enjoy the ride.

It’s something a lot of people will enjoy as many parts of a pen-test are very monotonous and don’t really take your full concentration, a semi-automated approach with a skillful eye watching for false-positives and false-negatives is always more effective and efficient than fully manual or fully automated testing.

DependenciesMetasploit 3, SQLite, PYMSSQL, FreeTDS, Pexpect, ClientForms, Beautiful Soup, and Psycho.

Installation – When extracting the tarball, run the file by executing python install, this will install the needed dependencies MINUS SQLite and Metasploit 3, you should specify the metasploit path or it will default to the BackTrack 3 installation menu. Once the installation is completed, Fast-Track should be fully functional.

You can download Fast-Track 4.0 here:


Or read more here.

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2 Responses to Fast-Track 4.0 – Automated Penetration Testing Suite

  1. Jacob February 19, 2009 at 3:53 am #

    David’s demo at Shmoocon was great, I don’t even remember how many boxes he “popped” during the presentation. I’ve used the new FastTrack a few times, and it’s fairly nice. The level of automation is great, and the built-in updating and metasploit db integration make life easy.

  2. Nero March 25, 2009 at 1:00 am #

    I loved the presentation too!

    Here is a video of the Shmoocon talk:

    Hacking with FastTrack (Shmoocon2009)

    Also a demo of the MS02-009 with Fast-Track

    Love the tool. Its so easy to use.