FireCAT 1.4 Released – Firefox Catalog of Auditing Extensions

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FireCAT (Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTension) is a mindmap collection of the most efficient and useful firefox extensions oriented application security auditing and assessment

You can find an online map of Firecat v1.4 here.

Changes for version 1.4

Information Gathering (Enumeration and Fingerprinting)

  • Passive Recon : PassiveRecon allows Information Security professionals the ability to perform “packetless” discovery of target resources utilizing publicly available information

Security Auditing

  • Selenium IDE : Selenium is a test tool for web applications. Selenium tests run directly in a browser, just like real users do
  • RESTTest : Construct custom HTTP requests to directly test requests against a server. RESTTest uses the XmlHttpRequest object and allows you to simulate XHR to quickly prototype requests and test security problems. Designed specifically for working with REST sources, supporting all HTTP methods
  • Acunetix Firefox plugin: Read here a good review by Kev Orrey. Extension submitted by Kev Orrey from VulnerabilityAssessment

IT Security Related

  • Added Milw0rm Exploits Search


  • Fixed HashMDTool link
  • Fixed OSVB extension link
  • Fixed US Homeland Security Threat link

You can download FireCAT v1.4 here:

FireCAT 1.4 Source (Zip – 4.6 kb)
FireCAT 1.4 Browsable HTML (Zip – 37.2 kb)
FireCAT 1.4 pdf (PDF – 186.3 kb)

You can actually wget all the tools from here:

Or read more here.

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