PSP All Version Firmware Homebrew Hack Surfaces

Keep on Guard!

Seen as though we get a lot of searches for PSP firmware updates and information about homebrew, I thought I’d post about this which popped up a few months ago.

In what undoubtedly will be remembered as a historic and life-changing event for PSP enthusiasts everywhere, a group of coders (Noobz and Archaemic, to be exact) have exploited a loophole in the Ubisoft game Lumines which enables homebrew-ing on all PSP firmware versions, from 1.00 to 3.50. This first ever all-firmware hack is a significant development, as homebrewing up until now has required specific versions (and usually the use of downgraders). No word yet on how Ubisoft feels about being party to this party, but something tells us Sony isn’t going to be real stoked.

I wonder how the game companies feel when its their software being used to hack something.

This made me chuckle though…

Update: On a completely unrelated note, Lumines has moved from a rank of 797 on Amazon’s movers & shakers, to the number 1 slot with a sales gain of something like + 13,166%.

Why doesn’t that surprise me :D

Source: Engadget

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