Data Recovery – A Decent Article

Data recovery is an important subject and it’s definitely a good thing to have a positive understanding of data recovery and how it could effort you personally or your business.

So someone told me about this Data recovery article which is a decent original reference to data recovery which contains some good original information, links to other similar resources, free data recovery downloads and an explanation of the main parts involved.

Definition: Data recovery is the salvaging of data originally stored on media such as magnetic disks and tapes and which has become corrupt or inaccessible.

The sidebar is pretty useful on the Data recovery article so do check it out, it has software, services and links to more information on industry standard sites like Wikipedia.

It also has related articles and related companies like OnTrack.

The article also covers some basic parts of forensics, like how when an item is deleted it’s not actually gone, just the marker in the file allocation table is removed.

Can erased data be recovered?

Yes, usually. When you delete a file the file is not actually deleted. It’s just the entry in the index pointing to the file’s actual location that is deleted. The file itself is left untouched but subsequent work you do on the PC could overwrite the location where the file was so it’s important to minimise any amateur attempts at data recovery.

This is something we’ve stressed many times at Darknet as any old $29.95 undelete tool can recover these files easily.

The important part of the article is the part about what mistakes you can make, this is crucial if you wish to save your data integrity in case of a failure.

I do find the design of the page a little plain (it looks like something designed in 1997) and the pink and light blue colour scheme jars my eyes a little.

The info is laid out clearly though and the site is easy to navigate, which is a good thing.

You can read more about Data Recovery at Wiki here.

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2 Responses to Data Recovery – A Decent Article

  1. backbone June 8, 2007 at 6:33 pm #

    again I post about data recovery… better then recover is to back up data on a regular basis…

  2. Jason June 11, 2007 at 5:14 pm #

    When it comes to data recovery I leave it to the pros. My drive was making clicking noises, definitely not a software problem. Took it CBL and they saved my butt.