Inprotect 0.22.5 Released – Web Interface for Nessus & Nmap

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A new revision of Inprotect has just been released, 0.22.5 in order to fix bugs and implement feature requests submitted by the development team and users. Existing users are recommended to upgrade.

Inprotect is a web interface for Nessus and Nmap security scanners, released under GNU/GPL license. This version has the following enhancements:

  • Improved and fixed issues in the Search page.
  • Standardised fields displayed on the HTML and PDF reports.
  • Resolved issue where the Nessus risk rating is entered inconsistently by the plugin writers and risks were reported incorrectly in Inprotect.
  • Added username and Inprotect version at the top of the page.
  • Notes and Plugin Info pages now open as popups and Notes will refresh the report page if details are entered / changed.
  • Now cannot schedule a scan if a Nessus server is offline or none has been setup.
  • Inprotect’s Nmap NASL modifications have been signed and made available for download on the Nessus website.
  • Fixed numerous other bugs and feature requests (please see CHANGES for further details).

To download, please visit:

Inprotect 0.22.5

For installation instructions, please see the INSTALL file if you are making a fresh installation or the UPGRADE file if you are updating from a previous version. N.B. Documentation is also available on the SourceForge site.

Please report any bugs through the SourceForge Bug Tracker.

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One Response to Inprotect 0.22.5 Released – Web Interface for Nessus & Nmap

  1. gary March 23, 2009 at 7:12 pm #

    How do you install nikto into the inprotect web suite? I cant really find any documentation on how to enable nikto with a web interface.