THC Releases Nokia Phone ROM Images

Keep on Guard!

I have to agree with their sentiment, I’m all for open hardware standards.

Even if you don’t open it, people will copy it anyway (See the mass of Cisco knock-offs in China for a fraction of the price with almost exactly the same functions and IOS)

So why not open it, let us play with it.

At least let us know how the hardware we are paying for works.

The following webpage contains ROM images from various mobile phone operating systems. Our intention is to motivate other reverse engineers to take a look at the images and to discover other hidden secrets. Other reasons are that it is said to be hard to extract the ROM. Certainly another reason is that Nokia does not release any technical information about the hardware and I find this rather disappointing. (It’s my strong believe that when I buy hardware that I should also be allowed to know what’s in it and how to use it.)

There are ROM images from various models such as NOKIA 6630, NOKIA n70, NOKIA N-GAGE and also from SE the SonyEricsson P900 ROM image.

Mobile Phone ROM Image and Reverse Engineering Invitation

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One Response to THC Releases Nokia Phone ROM Images

  1. Siddharth June 6, 2006 at 6:36 am #

    Thats something cool…..
    It would be great if THC could come up with something on the HTC platforms. I own a HTC Wizard and I think the possibilities of reverse engineering those ROMs are even better!