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OS Fingerprinting is an important part of any penetration test or hack as it allows you focus your efforts a lot more effeciently when point testing, rather than throwing everything at a machine like a script kiddy would. So let’s introduce a new option, other than p0f and xprobe2.

SinFP is a new approach to OS fingerprinting, which bypasses limitations that nmap has.

Nmap approaches to fingerprinting as shown to be efficient for years. Nowadays, with the omni-presence of stateful filtering devices, PAT/NAT configurations and emerging packet normalization, its approach to OS fingerprinting is becoming to be obsolete.

SinFP uses the aforementioned limitations as a basis for tests to be obsolutely avoided in used frames to identify accurately the remote operating system. That is, it only requires one open TCP port, sends only fully standard TCP packets, and limits the number of tests to 2 or 3 (with
only 1 test giving the OS reliably in most cases).

Features list:

  • full OS fingerprinting suite, built as a Perl module
  • active fingerprinting
  • passive fingerprinting (with signature matching made against active ones)
  • works the same over IPv4 and IPv6 (yes, IPv6 fingerprinting)
  • online mode
  • offline mode (especially useful when you have a pcap file)
  • heuristic matching algorithm to avoid the need to write new signature for a target stack which has some TCP option deactivated, or changed window size

To read more you can check out the SinFP Homepage.

You can download SinFP directly here.

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