Slashdot Effect vs Digg Effect Traffic Report

Keep on Guard!

As I’ve been Digged about 5 times now…and somehow got Slashdotted (whilst I was sleeping) until my server crashed and my host started crying..and my bandwidth went out.

I can give a reasonable comparison between Slashdot and Digg traffic.

From what I’ve seen Digg traffic is between 4,000 and 20,000 hits depending what time it hits the front page, what position it’s in and what the article is about, this on the first day, of course the traffic keeps coming after that, but not as much as in the first few hours.

I can’t totally accurately measure the Slashdot traffic either, as by 40,000 unique visitors my server died when I woke up I did a 302 redirect to the Coral Cache version to take the load off my server.

Here are the traffic spikes for the recent 1st Slashdot, followed by the 4th Digg.

Slashdot vs Digg Traffic

As for RSS subscribers, Digg brought around 200 (20 to 200), Slashdot brought around 400 (180 to 540).

Slashdot vs Digg RSS

So from what I’ve seen Slashdot still seems to be doubling or tripling the traffic generated by Digg.

Still an amazing acheivement for Digg, it being a new site in comparison to Slashdot.

Pretty interesting to see the traffic, getting Slashdotted is amazing.

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