CeWL v5.1 – Password Cracking Custom Word List Generator

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CeWL is a Custom Word List generator which spiders a given site to create a word list of all words it finds on that site. It can also grab email addresses and usernames found in the HTML and in some document types including Office and PDF.

Useful for targeted penetration testing which involves brute force password cracking.

We first wrote about CeWL way back in 2009 not long after it first came out – it’s been updated plenty since then and is now at version 5.1.

CeWL v5.1 - Password Cracking Custom Word List Generator

There are also a bunch of other similar tools out there (some older some newer):

Crunch – Password Cracking Wordlist Generator
The Associative Word List Generator (AWLG) – Create Related Wordlists
Wyd – Automated Password Profiling Tool
CUPP – Common User Passwords Profiler – Automated Password Profiling Tool
RSMangler – Keyword Based Wordlist Generator For Bruteforcing

If you combine the wordlists from the above tools with the commonly found standard password cracking wordlists, you should have a pretty comprehensive, targeted set of lists for bruteforcing with something like John the Ripper, thc-hydra or hashcat.


You can download CeWL v5.1 here:


Or read more here.

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