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New eLearnSecurity Pen-Testing Labs Launched – Attend Live Demo Event

Check Your Web Security with Acunetix

You might remember the Hera Labs info from the post about the updated Pen-testing Pro course:

eLearnSecurity Launches Newly Updated & Refreshed Penetration Testing Professional Training v2

Now eLearnSecurity has decided to open up just the labs outside of the course, for people that want a practical hands-on environment to learn.

Hera Pentesting Labs


Main Features

  • You get completely isolated networks to pentest (You are not sharing resources with others)
  • You get new scenarios every month
  • Scenarios are created by experienced pentesters
  • You can sign up with on-demand model

They will be holding a live webinar on January 29th on latest Java vulnerabilities, and demonstrating live exploitation in Hera Labs, you can find more info and register your interest here:


At the end of the event they are going to give special discount to sign up, so be there or be square!


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