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The Mole v0.3 Released For Download – Automatic SQL Injection Exploitation Tool

Cybertroopers storming your ship?

The Mole is an automatic SQL Injection exploitation tool. All you need to do is provide a vulnerable URL and a valid string on the site you are testing and The Mole will detect the injection and exploit it, either by using the union technique or a boolean query based technique.

We did mention The Mole when we first heard about it back in 2011 – The Mole – Automatic SQL Injection SQLi Exploitation Tool.

The Mole v0.3


  • Support for injections using MySQL, MS-SQL Server, Postgres and Oracle databases.
  • Command line interface.
  • Auto-completion for commands, command arguments and database, table and columns names.
  • Support for filters, in order to bypass certain IPS/IDS rules using generic filters, and the possibility of creating new ones easily.
  • Exploits SQL Injections through GET/POST/Cookie parameters.
  • Developed in Python 3.
  • Exploits SQL Injections that return binary data.
  • Powerful command interpreter to simplify its usage.

You can download The Mole v0.3 here:

Windows – themole-0.3-win32.zip
Linux – themole-0.3-lin-src.tar.gz

Or read more here.


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