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03 January 2008 | 6,864 views

gotroot modsecurity Rules for Apache – Anti-spam and Security

To follow on from Whitetrash which I posted about previously, here is another tool to secure your web site or web application. Essentially it’s a very comprehensive set of rules for mod_security. ModSecurity is an open source intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications (or a web application firewall). Operating as an Apache Web […]

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02 January 2008 | 3,702 views

Nugache – The Next Big Storm?

We’ve covered quite a few Storm stories – now it seems there is a new player in town, which could possibly the most advanced malware and botnet instigator so far. It’s also something I’ve predicted before, peer to peer malware networks running without a command and control server, no single point of failure and much […]

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01 January 2008 | 4,759 views

Happy New Year – Best Wishes from Darknet!

Happy New Year to everyone and cheers to a fantastic 2008. Let’s hope the year is buzzing with security news, there are interesting and exciting new developments and tools and the Darknet community can grow and become more active. If you can help us promote the site we’d appreciate it! Just drop a mention to […]

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