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03 June 2007 | 7,843 views

Win GFI T-shirts, Mugs and Keychains along with your iPod or PSP!

The best commenter of the month competition is now running, as sponsored by GFI the best commenter of the month will win a PSP or iPod each month! More details will be revealed as we go along. Along with that you get the chance to win some pretty cool GFI merchandise, they sent some to […]

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01 June 2007 | 19,006 views

Sguil – Intuitive GUI for Network Security Monitoring with Snort

Sguil (pronounced sgweel) is probably best described as an aggregation system for network security monitoring tools. It ties your IDS alerts into a database of TCP/IP sessions, full content packet logs and other information. When you’ve identified an alert that needs more investigation, the sguil client provides you with seamless access to the data you […]

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