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GFI Free Endpoint Scanner – Online Portable Storage Device Scanning

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Recently GFI launched a free, online portable storage device scanner called EndPointScan.


EndPointScan, is an industry-first, free online service that allows anyone to check what devices are or have been connected to computers on their network and by whom.

Using this diagnostic tool, one can identify those areas where the use of portable storage devices could pose a risk to the integrity of the company’s systems and data.

The uncontrolled use of portable mass storage devices like USB sticks, CDs, floppies, smartphones, MP3 players, handhelds, iPods & digital cameras coupled with data theft techniques such as “pod slurping”, are a major threat to network security and could lead to security breaches, data theft, viruses and other malware being uploaded to a company’s network.

Earlier this year, for example, a scientist who worked with DuPont was arrested after he had copied $400 million worth of commercially-sensitive information from the network. This is why it is vital for you to know what devices have been or are currently in use on your company’s network and to be in a position to take action where the risk of a breach is high.

Sadly the first thing I saw when loading the Endpoint page was:

We’re sorry, this version of EndPointScan does not work with your web browser

You need Internet Explorer 6 or later in order to be able to run EndPointScan.

The release news is here and the actual tool can be found at:


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