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SSA 1.5.1 Released – Security System Analyzer an OVAL Based Scanner

Cybertroopers storming your ship?

A new version of SSA (Security System Analyzer) has been released – version 1.5.1.

SSA is a scanner based on OVAL, the command line tool provided by MITRE is not very easy to use so the guys at Security Database decided to write a GUI to make it simple to use and understand and then free the security testers community to take advantage of it.

+Based on OVAL 5.2 build 11 (bugs fixed)
– Corrected bug in EntityComparator::ParseVersionStr(). Added error checking to the function to enusre that the input version strings are in a valid format.
-Removed VC7 project from source distributions.

Now SSA relies on CPE (common Platform Enumeration) names to display inventories.

+ SSA now supports VISTA definitions.

+ Added Menu Help
-PDF documentation : link to SSA PDF doc.
-OVAL Concept documentation : link to OVAL FAQS.
-CPE Concept documentation : link to CPE docs.
-[New Security-Database Feature]: Submit a bug about SSA
-Security-Database Vulnerability Search : Search information into our cross linked Vulnerability database

+ Fixed bugs into scan() function
-Handle exception: Error while parsed corrupted XML File
-Handle exception: Error while using unsupported schema

+ Fixed a latency in function “stop/reload”

+ Fixed the PATH bug. Now SSA can be installed in any directory.

You can download the latest version here:

SSA 1.5.1


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