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IE 7 Flaw Could Help Phishers – Error Message Processing

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Ah another way for phishers and people wanting to steal login credentials to con IE7 users.

Yet another reason to use Firefox or Opera?

Not saying these browsers are perfect…but look at the amount of problems Internet Exploder Explorer has had.

The flaw lies in the way IE7 processes a locally stored HTML error message page that is typically shown when the user cancels the loading of a Web page, said Aviv Raff, a security researcher based in Israel.

The error message tells the user that “navigation to the Web page was canceled,” and offers the user the opportunity to “refresh the page.” If the refresh link is clicked, IE can be tricked into displaying the wrong Web address for a page. Raff has published proof of concept code that shows how IE can be made to display a Web page on his Web site as if it is from the cnn.com domain.

I’m not sure if any phishers would go to this length to try and con people into visiting their sites, but with some of the creative things they’ve been coming up with lately, it wouldn’t surprise me!

This flaw could be exploited by phishers who want to make their spoofed Web sites appear legitimate, Raff said.

“I can inject a script that will display anything I want in the page when the user clicks the ‘refresh’ link,” he said via instant message. “Combining this with the design flaw, an attacker can render in the browser whatever he wants with whatever URL he wants in the address bar.”

This type of bug is known as a cross-site scripting vulnerability. It affects IE 7 on Vista and Windows XP, Raff added.

Vista is vulnerable too, so be careful. And don’t use IE!

Yes this article was originally published about a month ago, we know that….thanks.

Source: Network World


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