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The RFID Song from Monochrom

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A pretty cool song about RFID and RFID hacking from Monochrom.at.

Written and first performed at 23C3 (23rd Chaos Communication Congress) in December 2006 in Berlin as part of monochrom’s ‘Proto-Melodic Comment Squad’.

Users, there’s trouble ahead
I said users, it is totally sad
But users, the future lies in your hand
Cause it’s all about surveillance

Comrades, you don’t know what I mean?
Well comrades, there’s new tech on the scene
Come on comrades, stand up fight for your right
There’s a need for your experience

It’s fun to hack the RFID
It’s fun to hack the RFID
Technology is just a matter of choice
You can microwave all their toys

It’s fun to hack the RFID
It’s fun to hack the RFID
They want to store everything about you
But there’s plenty of things you can do


You can download the mp3 versions here:

RFID Song (Bratlfettn Version) [MP3, 2:42]
RFID Song (Rohkost Version) [MP3, 2:34]

The full lyrics are available here:

monochrom: RFID song


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2 Responses to “The RFID Song from Monochrom”

  1. navaburo 18 February 2007 at 7:07 am Permalink

    It is sort-of terrifying how with RFIDs and other little devices in _everything_ the knowledgeable hacker can move in and out of just about everything. Take Lexus for example: they implement bluetooth in their navigation systems, result: a worm that infects them. They use a passive RFID in their fancy new keys so you don’t have to put them in the ignition, just have them with you to start the car, result: with a PDA and a homemade antenna you can sit next to the car owner in a waiting room for 5 minutes (enough time to crack the vulnerable encryption) and basically own his car. Terrifying and awesome simultaniously.