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Nmapview – Graphical Interface (GUI) for Nmap on Windows

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Finally a replacement for the way outdated and rather crappy NmapFE!

Unfortunately sometimes we do have to actually use Windows, and Nmap cleverly overcame the problems with raw sockets on Windows SP2 by using ATM frames instead, so it’s cool.

Now we just need a decent GUI so it fits into the whole scheme of things, and here we have it, Nmapview! NmapFE was ancient, outdated and no longer had all the options.

Also bear in mind NmapView required the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to work and obviously you need a working Nmap which means having Winpcap.

Features of NmapView:

  • Automatic composition of the string of command based on selection of checkbox, textbox, ecc
  • Automatic selection of checkbox and textbox, etc. based on tightens of insert comand string.
  • In the composition commands, the options of version 4.20 of Nmap are previewed all.
  • Supported version NSE (Nmap Scripting Engine) by Diman Todorov.
  • Of every option or parameter one detailed description through ToolTipHelp is supplied.
  • The configuration parameters that preview text are history between the various sessions. (The story memory use Windows user login section)
  • The option and the parameters are distributed in logical section (Target specification, Host Discover, Scan Techniques, etc.) based on the documentation of Fyodor.

You can Download NmapView v0.4 here.

You can find full info on NmapView here.


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