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(IN)SECURE Magazine ISSUE 1.9 – December 2006

Cybertroopers storming your ship?

(IN)SECURE Magazine is a freely available digital security magazine discussing some of the hottest information security topics. It can be distributed only in the form of the original non-modified PDF document.

The 9th issue of (IN)SECURE magazine was recently released, in this issue you can find the following:

  • Effectiveness of security by admonition: a case study of security warnings in a web browser setting
  • Interview with Kurt Sauer, CSO at Skype
  • Web 2.0 defense with AJAX fingerprinting and filtering
  • Hack In The Box Security Conference 2006
  • Where iSCSI fits in enterprise storage networking
  • Recovering user passwords from cached domain records
  • Do portable storage solutions compromise business security?
  • Enterprise data security – a case study
  • Creating business through virtual trust: how to gain and sustain a competitive advantage using information security

You can get it at www.insecuremag.com or directly here:

ISSUE 1.9 (December 2006) – DOWNLOAD

You can find the complete archive online HERE, it’s well worth a look.


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